Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Quit worrying. Quit crying over things that will not be yours and remind yourself that you never really wanted the whole deal anyway. Realize, once again, that you are your own creation. That your problems are all illusions and of your own making. Stop making trouble for yourself. 
Know forever that you can be anything you want. Want.

Draft resolutions. Go take stupid quizzes online and waste as much time as you need to make yourself feel normal again. Read webcomics and funny books. Laugh. Watch sappy movies, contemplate. Move on. Move on. Move on. 

Drink. Enjoy. Fall in love with reckless abandon. Remember who you used to be. Talk more. Think even more. Formulate new plans, carry them out. Ask for help. Do you what you’re supposed to do. Smoke some weed. Or maybe more. Be honest with everyone. Take pictures and turn them into something beyond recognition. Observe. Write more often.

Above all, live.
Live the fuck out of this year.


  1. I'll just quote your title in response to the post... like



    Have a fabulous year.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Is this for the reader to read and hence, muse or would this rather be your to-do list?

  3. yeah... i have done i guess most of this.. i wrote some.. guess you'd like.. come, eat..

  4. Taking your advice to heart. Seriously :)

  5. @Eirene, I hope life's been treating you well. :D