Monday, March 14, 2011

Of things that make it happen.

It starts simply enough. 
At one crazy moment, a leak in the faucet of good judgement, 
I give away, despite caveats, my happiness to your will. 
Flavors, distinct, overlap and grow confused;
entangled then disentangled are braids that've knotted themselves over the months,
in gloomy webs.

And then when you go away, 
it's not for once and all, 
you step in and step out; 
probe and question not knowing what it does to me.

wisps of your words return; 
wings span wide enough to shadow over my dreams and intrude in; 
look into my deepest secrets and desires; 
you unfurl things I don't want you to know. 
You read into everything though I want you not to.
Do you want it at all?

Because in the end, as we know, 
an inevitable death is not what you deserve, 
or anyone at all.


  1. love is really nothing
    but a dream that keeps waking me
    for all of my trying
    we still end up dying
    how can it be?

    ~John Mayer

    I wonder how Love can penetrate all defenses while we try to hold steady we still falling for Love.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Wonderful lines that you shared, yourself. I love Mayer. :)
    Thank you.

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  4. Er, I'm glad you found it interesting! :D

  5. Thanks, Bhaskar! And long time. :)

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  7. Something very real that happens to each one of us. You couldn't have written this any better. Brilliant.

  8. D2, indeed. And again and again. :/
    Thank you!

  9. oh my god. where has your blog been all my life?!

  10. Oh, haha, we found each other now! :D

  11. thankxx for following me :))

  12. Dire warning in the end of the poem...!