Friday, January 21, 2011

Unto you.

Would I want to let you in?
Under my skin?
Would I ever want to let anyone in so deep they'd know all about me?
But then if that is all I am, the sum of my secrets, every little shame and guilt and my mistakes, would that be giving myself unto you? Losing me in the way?
And bit by bit, I'd have nothing left; with every revelation, every fold you'd peel away.

No you may not know who I am. I'll show you just as much as I wish to.
This isn't something personal, it's just self-preservation.


  1. Simple, yet so meaningfully conveyed. I like the way U say it. :)

  2. donnno why we don find good peoples in life early.

  3. and...donno y am always late in finding them..

  4. Purvi, I'm glad you liked it. :)

  5. Neel, but it's up to us to find the good in the people in our lives, isn't it?

  6. Amazing! We're afraid of losing ourselves to love. But isn't that is what it is all about?

  7. *bows down*
    You have a new fan!

  8. Wildflower, yes, but sometimes, there are some things that we hold back in love too, perhaps. It's some balance, I guess, that we're supposed to figure out.

  9. Priyanka, that indeed is an honor!
    Thank you so much. :)